Innovative Tire Storage

Tire Storage Solutions


What Tire Storage Solutions Is!

An innovative tire storage solution that will save you time, tires, and money. No more stacking tires or wasting time searching through a sea of unorganized tires. Instead walk freely through a well organized container/trailer that has convenient racks made for your tires.

Tire Storage Solutions Tire Rack

Patented Tire Rack System

Our one of a kind tire rack, made to fit in a 40’ storage container or a 53’ trailer, is both easy to use and efficient. This makes for easy organization, reloading, and unloading of tires. The tire racks hold from 500 - 1,000 tires.

Old Tire

Typical Tire Storage

Most tires stored in a container can be tough to organize, therefore cause wasted man hours in searching for the right tires. Also stacking of several tires means that tires on the bottom can become ruined by the weight the other tires bring.

Tire on a Car

Give Your Customers the Best Tire Possible

When you use a Tire Storage Solutions tire rack, you give yourself the ability to supply your customer with the best tire possible in the most efficient manner. This saves you time, money, and allows you to service more customers.