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Tire Storage Solutions was founded after hearing the challenges that many tire stores were having in their business.


There were many challenges with how inventory was being sorted and the space necessary to run a business. Our company can solve both of these problems for you. Using vertical stacking as opposed to other inefficient storage methods, a company leasing a tire storage unit can now store more tires than their competitor. This also ensures that the sidewall and frame of the tire do not become damaged throughout the inventory process that currently uses barrel stacking.

When our customers lease our units, they know that they can expect a unit that is clean, functionable, and ready to use. Tire Storage Solutions recognizes that your company's image is important to your customers. This is why all of our units are delivered painted, free of debris, and with lights so they can be used day or night. In addition, you can rest assured that if there is ever a problem with a tire storage unit we have a dedicated team ready to fulfill your needs. Tire Storage Solutions is large enough to service your needs while small enough to provide great customer service. 





While being in the storage container business for over 25 years, owner and founder, Bill Moore saw an area in the tire industry that could be improved - tire storage. While many stores have a surplus of tires during busy seasons, they would need to lease storage containers to keep the extra inventory on site. The problem is, the tires stored in those containers are hard to organize and sometimes get damaged. Bill came up with a tire storage solution. Patented tire racks that could store more tires efficiently and without damage.